What the event is about?

On 12 December 2022 Darryl & Sean will be entering the world’s toughest ocean rowing race. We will be rowing unassisted across the 3000 miles of Atlantic Ocean between La Gomera, Canary Islands and English Harbour, Antigua. We will be faced with all that mother nature has to offer and we will succeed. This is an epic challenge which will see us rowing 24 hours a day in 2 hour shifts until we reach the finish, but this is certainly a challenge that we feel we’re up for. We have confidence in ourselves, our boat and our preparations, and nothing will get in the way of us completing a journey that so few before us have done. And hopefully in the process, raising an enormous amount of money for our charities.

 “While you were sleeping we were rowing”

“So difficult is the task, that more people have been into space or climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic”

Why do we need Sponsors help?

A big part of this challenge is getting to the start line. Once we’re at the start, we have to row, but to get there we will need to raise a lot of money to assist us in purchasing all of the equipment and supplies to keep us safe on our journey. The list is exhaustive but all the items are vital to ensure we have the best chance possible. And so we are appealing to you for help. Please help us to raise awareness for our charities. Help us to spread the word about the amazing things that they do for all the people affected. Help us to spread global awareness for the plight of our oceans. Help us to get to the start, and we’ll take it from there one oar stroke at a time.

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TWO-INNA-ROW will be rowing the Atlantic for Cancer Charities to raise money & awareness for the three charities closest to their hearts. 

Darryl Thole & Sean Geiser

Get to know our crew and dedicated support team that will take on this tough challenge rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.   

We fully appreciate all the support from our sponsors, partners & everyone who made a donation, thank you to all. 

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